What Does Mountaineer Technology Consultants Do? An Explanation

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What Does Mountaineer Technology Consultants Do? An Explanation

August 23, 2017 Uncategorized 0

So Mountaineer Technology Consultants is in business! Great! Well what do we do? Well our mission statement is:

To empower our customers, from individuals to large businesses, to embrace technology.”

Well that sounds great… but what does it mean? The short answer is, “Many things!”. But it can be broken down much more than that.

At MTC, it is just as important to us that the client understand the technology that they have and it’s capability, as much as it is that the technology works. We are a technology education company, and an IT consulting company.

It’s my hope that when you invite us into your homes for example, that when you are through with your time with us, that you have not only working technology, but that you have a good understanding of how that tech can work for you. Sometimes, as a customer, we say, “I just want it to work, I can figure out the details later,” and that’s fine. We can do that. But I’d much rather you say after an experience with us, “Not only did you make it work, but I know how I can do most everything with this system now.” That’s a more satisfying answer for both us as a business, and you as the customer. It’s what I hope stands out about your experience with MTC as different than what you will receive from other businesses. I want that to be our niche, whether it is a small or large business, a home office, or just a home user who wants to understand more about their computer.

Continuing with the theme of us being a “Technology Education Company”, we will certainly focus on providing educational courses for the community. What I don’t mean by this is technical and professional certifications and such. What I do mean is educational lessons for the community on practical uses of their computer. How to use email effectively with all the different types, how to use Skype to communicate with grandkids, basic informative classes on using Microsoft Office suite of products, and things like how to harness the Internet and clean up your system regularly. Those are the kind of educational opportunities that I feel get overlooked within the community. We plan to tap into that misrepresented section of our community and educate them in a way that is significantly valuable for their technological goals.

With all this, of course we can do the technical things too. I certainly want to focus in on small businesses and how they can effectively work with their technology based within their budgets, creating useful networks and appropriate security measures in place to protect their valuable data. Large companies as well, consulting to them on enterprise solutions that fit their work models and business relationships.

Computer enthusiasts, we are here for you as well. Want to build a rock solid gaming system from scratch, let’s talk about it. Heck, want to turn your home phone lines into a solid computer network inside your house? I’ve already done it. Let’s look at it.

Mountaineer Technology Consultants is here to serve our community as a whole. I want to be seen as a resource in the community. Yes, we need to make money to be successful, no one is lying about that. But we want to be reasonable, we want to be affordable, and we want to educate and serve our community for their technological wants and needs.

This weekend or early next week, we will be putting up some specials that we hope some people will call us and take advantage of to see what we are all about. Be watching our webpage, as well as Twitter and Facebook feeds, and I hope to see some of you soon as we move forward in this new venture.

– Booker T. Walton III

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