Student Pricing

The Most Reliable IT Services in West Virginia

You don’t need to pay an arm & a leg, just to fix your computer.

In college, making sure your computer or laptop is working properly to meet tight deadlines, tight budgets, and balancing classes can be a nightmare. The last thing you need is your computer to break and to get some ridiculous pricing on the cost to fix it. Mountaineer Technology Consultants can help with affordable student pricing.

Diagnostic Fee – $20

No charge if MTC fixes the problem, just pay the price of whatever service we render and forego the diagnostic fee.

Format Hard Drive without Backup- $50

Reinstall OS, no data saved.

Format with Backup – $65

Reinstall OS while keeping personal files.

Standard Cleanup – $60

Virus Removal, tune-up

Hardware Repair – $50/hr + Parts