Marketing Monday’s: Should I be Blogging?

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Marketing Monday’s: Should I be Blogging?

January 8, 2018 Blogging Marketing 0
Why Should I be Blogging?

We are excited to kick off our “Marketing Monday’s” Where we’ll be touching on various topics about marketing, SEO, etc. We’re excited to take you beyond the myriad of technology, as we handle marketing as well! Today’s topic: Should I be blogging?

Should I be Blogging?

We’re sure you hear it all the time as a business owner by everyone you come in contact with “You really need to be blogging!” “It can benefit you so much!” What do you blog about though? Your cat’s daily habits? Your car’s interior that you love so much? These topics may be interesting to you, but will blogging really bring you any more search engine traffic?

For Ex. You run a travel agency, sharing the occasional vacation photo and video on social media is enough right? Social media, SEO, & blogging can’t really bring me much of a difference in traffic, right? Unfortunately, that’s incorrect, and the worst part is no one ever gives you any reasons or benefits that would come from blogging for whatever industry you’re in. Let’s cover some basic reasons & benefits from blogging, as well as a go-to strategy that can help you!


Organic Search Engine Traffic

SEO Traffic

Organic Search Engine Traffic

A benefit of blogging is to bring your website organic search engine traffic (SEO). A well-constructed website will consist of pages that are ranking for relevant keywords and bringing your website that organic traffic for that keyword. What happens if you want to take your website past those keywords that you set (check Yoast SEO Plugin if using WordPress, other website building platforms should let you set keywords to pages that you are aiming to rank for) Blogging is a great way to target new keywords that are relevant to your industry & target demographic, and can help you bring in new traffic while still keeping the standards set for your website pages. This dives into another question, how do I figure out which keywords I want to rank for or are even relevant for my industry?

 – Keyword Research

Keyword research is your ideal way to figure out which keywords you should set to your pages, posts, alt image texts, etc. So how would you conduct this? The most primitive way would be to start typing words in google and seeing which phrases pop up, and seeing what shows up in the search results. Sure, this could work, but is a very loose strategy, and won’t get you an accurate pinpoint of which keywords are worth going after. There has to be an alternative, right?


Semrush is an amazing tool that is critical to keyword research! It allows you to search keywords and break them down by Volume, Paid Volume (for PPC Strategies), Related Keywords, & even phrase match keywords. For ex. we typed in “Travel Agent Morgantown WV, & this is what you’ll see. Using these keywords on your blog can help  you rank for those keywords if done correctly (DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF)


This doesn’t even scrape the barrel in what this tool can do, which we can expand on in another blog post.


Thought Leadership

Establish Credibility & Thought Leadership

Another benefit of blogging is being able to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Building credibility is another crucial step in taking customers into the next stages of the buyer’s journey. How can you decide on providing value though? A great way would be to use your social media platforms and crowdsource, figure out which questions your target demographic has about your industry & create blogs centered around that. Consistently providing expert value to your customers will align customers to think of you whenever there is a need or problem in your industry. Not to mention having static blog posts that potential customers can always reference when they need a question or answered, as well as sharing on social media to increase your brand awareness.


Backlinking Campaign

Backlinking Campaigns

This is a little bit of a more advanced marketing tactic, but a big positive indicator in google search engines is for websites to have a high authoritative rank (moz rank) etc. How can this be done? Backlinking campaigns are a crucial component to this, although not the only way to gain authority on Google. (Google algorithms in the latest years deterred spammy backlinking methods, so doing it correctly with valuable content is the best way to do this, so you don’t get penalized by Google)

So what is a backlink? Basically, its when someone hyperlinks you on their website, for ex. <– Would be an example of a basic backlinking method. (It’s more complex than this, but we’ll expand on it in another blog) This can be good and bad, you want to ensure that credible websites our backlinking you because spammy ones could actually hurt your authority. To circle back, how does this pertain to blogging? When you create valuable blogs, that are thorough, provide value, and actually consists of expert content, a website is more likely to share your blog on their website, earning you a backlink.

What’s a Solid Blogging Strategy?

Tune in next week and we’ll walk you through a basic but solid blogging strategy that includes keyword maps, SEO, Meta & Alt Image, etc. & more!

Now, everyone has their own strategy, and some may not agree with all of our points. Let us know what you think below, we’re always open to feedback!


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