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Booker Walton

Booker T. Walton III has worked in the technology field for over 20 years. A computer enthusiast since the age of six, he started out his career working for a local IT company, Literati Information Technology while in school for Computer Engineering at WVU.  From there he managed his own computer consulting firm, Unique Tech Consulting, LLC while working full time for the West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing as a Network Operator in 2005. He worked in that capacity for seven years, and then was promoted to Senior IT Consultant where he took more responsibility in Help Desk Management and Data Center best practices.  It was at this time that he began working on certifications to improve his knowledge, going to various conferences and earning his HDI Support Center Team Lead Certification, while learning more about Data Center management by becoming a member of Association For Computers Operations Management, and participating in their World Conferences. For this, WVNET promoted Booker to Manager of Data Centers and Network Operations Staff in May of 2014.  From there, he expanded his knowledge by going out and getting numerous certifications, including HDI Support Center Manager, HDI Knowledge Center Support Principles, and his Certified Data Center Management Professional certification from CNET Training, a Worldwide designation for data center professionals. Booker’s daily duties include directing and coordinating the operation of the Help Desk and NOC staff, as well as maintaining the hardware and environment in WVNET’s computer room. He worked to help customers bring in new business to the data center, as well serving as a customer liaison for the rest of our building. His last project for the state was working with K-12 to bring URcast Network and caching services to the state of West Virginia.


However, Booker’s true passion was to be able to help people through technology, without the constraints built into a state organization.  With this, the conception of Mountaineer Technology Consultants was formed.  Booker brings vast knowledge in networked solutions, customized networking, and wireless solutions, systems support in both desktops and servers, customized computer configurations and builds. His ability to relate to customers in ways that make technology seem simple has served him well over the years in his interactions with both businesses and individuals of all walks of life.

Booker is married to his wife Elizabeth, and has two children, Claire, who is 8, and Tristan, 2



Justin Robinson

Justin Robinson has been working as a Software Developer for the last 5 years.  He also brings over 5 years of website design and development to the company.  Working at WVNET, in the Media Services department, he primarily worked on a ticket/work order system.  Justin worked closely with customers on helping them achieve their personal business goals with the software he wrote.  He was also on the software team for the both the West Virginia Statewide Technology and the Higher Education Technology Conferences in West Virginia and helped maintain the software that did the registration and reporting.

Justin is married to his wife Jalyn.  They enjoy going to Mountaineer sporting events and spending time with their families.  His favorite activities away from work are playing his guitars, video games, hunting, and fishing.




Andrew has worked with Booker since 2014. Currently a student at WVU, he has the knowledge to help, and the availability to respond quickly to many IT needs. Working with Booker and growing up in the technological age have helped to shape Andrew into a knowledgeable IT professional, ready to provide you with the services you need to be satisfied with your technology,




A WV Student