Over the four years that Mountaineer Technology Consultants has been in business, MTC has had the chance to work with a variety of non-profit partners, community resources as well as after-school programs. Certainly, without the community Mountaineer Technology Consultants couldn’t be what it is, and we feel it’s our duty and service to give back to the community using our gifts with technology.  One way we show this is partnering with student enrichment programs which give young people an opportunity to see other avenues of learning besides the classroom. MTC has been involved, showing technology and the inside workings of a computer, and trying to give them a different perspective than just the video game or phone as to what technology is.
Our hope is that by presenting these opportunities to children that we are allowing them to see a different path forward. Whether they want to be an employee or whether they would like to pursue entrepreneurism and want to create their own path and their own business down the road, our goal at MTC is to allow students to expand their knowledge and potential through learning opportunities. We also have high school students in our area who are looking to learn more come intern with us to see firsthand the kinds of work they want to pursue as to move towards college and ultimately a professional career. At Mountaineer Technology Consultants we believe no matter what the race, gender, or social and economic status every child deserves an opportunity to have a future and to be able to put that future forth in any way that they see fit.
Another goal at Mountaineer Tech is to highlight the non-profits and the great work they’re doing in the community.  What you’ll see in the MTC CARES video series is non-profits talking about the work they’re doing in the community and the great things that they’re doing for people. You’ll see some of these children’s programs and I want businesses to have the opportunity to get involved and know how to reach out to these programs as well. Thanks again to our non-profit and our community partners

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